Lectus Museum Bench, 2019

Lectus is a two-part installation which draws its concept from surrealism. A standard-design, timeless bench is placed in the middle of a room, as in a museum. Its shadow distorts its shape—here, the outlines of an apple appears to rest on the piece. Mounted onto the bench is a thin steel construction that holds up a pair of glasses which make a new world appear to the visitor looking through them. Where the room’s empty whiteness initially reigned, the glasses show, through a video, a glimpse into what might be someone’s subconscious; a surreal story only experienced through these glasses. What is real; what is it that we are watching? How and why does our brain, its perception, trick us?

Unique piece of one including special TV and art movie
Dimension: 2000 x 600 x 1200 mm
Material: Aluminum and textile fabric

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